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Improve your clinical reasoning with every patient using our 3D running gait analysis app. Reliably evaluate the effectiveness of your physical therapy with concrete data.

Discover your most interesting use cases inside and outside your clinic.

The next weapon in your clinical toolset is our running technique analysis

Use your time more efficiently

Improve your patient care

Grow your clinical services

Gait analysis for runners that's quick, easy, and accurate. One sensor that requires no setup space in your practice.

Learn how to fix running gait and support your clinical reasoning with objective data.

Deliver gait assessments to extend your clinical services at a fraction of the cost of gold-standard 3D motion analysis equipment. 

Skill-up and become tech-savvy

Stand out as a physio by learning how to recommend a good running technique for beginners and for competitive athletes.

Link to injury and performance

Measure what matters – anywhere

Seamlessly integrate with your screening battery of tests for strength, mobility, and performance.

Measure where it's relevant to the patient - in your clinic or outside on the track, trail, or field

Hear what other sports physios are saying

“I use Runeasi on almost every lower limb patient I treat – since running is a basic pattern of most sports and activities. I use Runeasi to detect in real-time. I can measure what I can’t see with the naked eye. That’s a real added value.”

“I really like Runeasi for a quick evaluation of the running patterns for my patients. The biofeedback tool is the one I use the most and it gives me a lot of new insights into running technique optimization.

Bart Dingenen, Ph.D.

Physiotherapist Motion to Balance

Joren Biebuyck

Physiotherapist VITORI

“Runeasi offers a wealth of information about the profile of each runner in an innovative yet simple way! It is a real added value for physiotherapists, coaches, and athletes.”

“Runeasi is a strong tool that gives us an objective view of important biomechanical parameters during different rehab phases. This allows us to individualize our rehab protocols.”

Samuel Vanhumbeeck

Physiotherapist Movus Praktijk and OHL Football CLub

Koen Joosen

Physiotherapist and founder Sport Praktijk

The running gait analysis app that gets you to that "aha!" moment in no time 







Perform running tests using a single biomechanics wearable connected via Bluetooth  to your iPad or tablet.

Learn how to correct running gait in 

real-time with concrete color-coded benchmark data to compare to.

Create "aha!" moments for your patients to individualize and optimize their running pattern and rehabilitation.

An accurate, easy to use, and affordable alternative for clinicians

Runeasi wearable and APP

2D motion capture with camera or iPad

3D motion capture with force plate


Kinematic/movement parameters

Kinetic/force parameters              

Impact, peak rate, cumulative load

Spatio-temporal characteristics

Step-rate and ground contact time

Automatic processing and results export

No waiting time for patients 

Paints a representative picture of the patient

Analysis based on up to 1000's of running steps

Objective outdoor testing

Assess in the habitual environment of patient

Affordable pricing

Indended for aspiring clinicians

Runeasi is for experienced and aspiring professionals looking to skill-up

Join 50+ sports practices

Runeasi is born from research at KU Leuven University. Our mission is to make the world run better. 

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