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Evidence-based data

Runeasi was forged from over 8 years of biomechanics research at KU Leuven University.

Runeasi brings you the most evidence-based screening tool and assessment software to elevate your business.

Jay Dicharry, MPT, SCS

Sports Physical Therapist, biomechanics researcher,

Author of Running Rewired

The only purpose of using any type of assistive technology for evaluation is to get a clearer lens into data that will guide your treatment. In my experience, this means gathering info on kinetic parameters - as you can't see those, they must be measured. There aren't many apps that do this currently, but one system that is quite good at whole-body kinetic indexes is Runeasi.

Dr. Bart Dingenen, Ph.D.

Physiotherapist Motion to Balance, ACL rehab expert, Physio Tutors

I'm using Runeasi on almost every lower limb patient I treat - to detect in real-time. I can measure what I can’t see with the naked eye. That’s a real added value. 

Increasing cadence is a popular cue. Research shows it can reduce knee load during running. But we need to be cautious with generalizing the same cue to everyone. Now with Runeasi you can be specific to see how the patient is actually responding. 

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The Next Weapon In Your Clinical Toolset

Close the clinical loop

Improve your patient care

Grow your business

Seamlessly integrate gait analysis with your prevention or performance screening

Identify and correct the weakest links with tailored and individualized gait retraining and exercise therapy

Expand your clinical services at 1%  of the cost of a 3D gait laboratory







Perform running tests using a single biomechanics wearable connected via Bluetooth  to your iPad or tablet.

Learn how to correct running gait in 

real-time with concrete color-coded benchmark data to compare to.

Create "aha!" moments for your patients to individualize and optimize their running pattern and rehabilitation.

100X Faster Than Gold Standard

Runeasi wearable

3D gait lab and force plate

2D camera


Kinematic/movement parameters

Kinetic/force parameters              

Impact, peak rate, cumulative load

Spatio-temporal characteristics

Step-rate and ground contact time

Automatic processing and results export

No waiting time for patients 

Paints a representative picture of the patient

Analysis based on up to 1000's of running steps

Objective outdoor testing

Assess in the habitual environment of patient

Affordable pricing

Intended for aspiring clinicians

Joren Biebuyck

Physiotherapist VITORI

Samuel Vanhumbeeck

Physiotherapist Movus Praktijk and OHL Football Club

I really like Runeasi for a quick evaluation of the running patterns for my patients. The biofeedback tool is the one I use the most and it gives me a lot of new insights into running technique optimization.

Runeasi is a strong tool that gives us an objective view of important biomechanical parameters during different rehab phases. This allows us to individualize our rehab protocols.

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